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Fixing the Logitech G920 Steering Wheel Buttons

Dec 27, 2022 • Hobbies • 5 min read

I’ve been using the Logitech G9200 steering wheel on my PC for the last 4 years and find it a great budget wheel to use but it’s not without fault. After about 3 years of use the cheap potentiometers in the pedals were wearing down and gave “jumpy” signals which caused spinning out of corners due to brake input being applied randomly! Spraying contact cleaner in to the pedals helped a bit but ultimately I replaced the potentiometers with an upgrade kit from AXC-Sim and after almost a year use these are proving great so far.  Read →

Integrating Server Side Errors with Vuelidate

Jan 9, 2020 • vue.js • 9 min read

I’ve been busy getting my ASP.NET WebAPI to return validation errors to my clients with as little coding effort as possible (see ASP.NET Web Api Complex Model Binding and Validation.) However, it’s time to focus on the client of these errors.  Read →

Camel Cased JSON Error Responses in ASP.NET WebAPI

Dec 7, 2019 • ASP.NET • 2 min read

In my previous post ASP.NET Web Api Complex Model Binding and Validation I had described how to use Request.CreateErrorResponse() in either a controller action or a filter to convert the errors held in ModelState into JSON that can be passed back to the client.  Read →