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Integrating Server Side Errors with Vuelidate

Jan 9, 2020 • vue.js • 9 min read

I’ve been busy getting my ASP.NET WebAPI to return validation errors to my clients with as little coding effort as possible (see ASP.NET Web Api Complex Model Binding and Validation.) However, it’s time to focus on the client of these errors.  Read →

Camel Cased JSON Error Responses in ASP.NET WebAPI

Dec 7, 2019 • ASP.NET • 2 min read

In my previous post ASP.NET Web Api Complex Model Binding and Validation I had described how to use Request.CreateErrorResponse() in either a controller action or a filter to convert the errors held in ModelState into JSON that can be passed back to the client.  Read →

ASP.NET Web Api Complex Model Binding and Validation

Dec 7, 2019 • ASP.NET • 18 min read

I’ve been writing an application that combines ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI backend and a Vue.JS single page application frontend over the last few years. It started as a bespoke ASP.NET MVC application but I’ve slowly been growing the code base into a multi-tenant product with quite a complex form editor written in Vue.JS. It’s this form editor that I’m focusing on in this post and in particular how it transfers quite a complex Javacript object model to/from an ASP.NET WebAPI interface. The rest of this post focuses on how JSON is mapped to an object property on a WebAPI action and the extra validation I want to have.  Read →