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Add GPS Information to Image EXIF

Mar 1, 2008 • Photography • 1 min read

I’ve had a thought in the past that it wouldn’t be a difficult task to carry a GPS device whilst you’re out-and-about and taking photos then, back at home, load up the GPS data into a utility and have it scan through your photos adding GPS EXIF information to photos where dates and times matched (or were closed enough.) Of course, someone has usually written it before you so a quick search has highlighted a few already.

The first is called Photo Studio and is fairly self-contained and, more importantly, free! The site also provided details on how to add the GPS info.

The second is called RoboGEO but this one costs money - however, it’s not much and the chances are they’ll be more support.

I also found an interesting list of GPF software but haven’t had the chance to look through it.

An interesting evaluation has been made between Flickr, Picasa and Panoramio and how to visualise pictures on maps.

OziPhotoTool is a free download but requires the Java Runtime installed or, and probably the better solution, a larger download that includes the runtime itself.

GPSPhotoLinker - another free tool but for those in the world with a Mac!

Geosetter looks pretty cool but I haven’t I’m not sure whether it performs updates in batches.

GPS Visualizer isn’t quite what I’m looking for but it’s an interesting tools nevertheless and worth noting here.

Download Pro is another purchasable bit of software for addin GeoTags.

And before I forget GPSBabel should be able to convert between GPS file formats so I should be able to get my Garmin to work with any of these tools.

At some point when I’ve got myself some photos and corresponding GPS information, I’ll download these tools and compare them. But for now, it will have to wait.

Post by: Philip Hendry