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Windows Live Mesh

Jul 4, 2008 • Microsoft Windows • 1 min read

I was just copying over some work from my laptop to my work PC and thought I’d give Windows Live Mesh desktop access a go. At first looks it seems pretty cool – I can even connect to the laptop from anywhere through the ‘Live Desktop’ that exists in ‘The Cloud’ (gotta love these terms!!)

However, there were a couple of things I noticed – first up was my laptop screen has a 1680 resolution whilst my desktop is only 1280 and the connection to the laptop is in a window inside a browser… Mesh scales the laptop into this box. I had to squint a fair amount!

However, the more unnerving point was the laptop beside me suddenly sprang into life, unlocked and promptly showed to the world everything I was performing from the remote machine. I find this unnerving because as a default surely this is a bad plan – no one is going to know that they’ve just unlocked their home machine and it will remain unlocked until they close the remote connection. I’m far too used to Microsoft Terminal Service Clients that give you the assurance that the remote machine.

Post by: Philip Hendry