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Adding a Boot Menu Option for a VHD in Windows 7

Jul 7, 2009 • Windows 7 • Less than a minute read

Having already created and installed a a VHD using VirtualPC I now wanted to use the great new feature available in both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 which allows you to boot the machine from the VHD instead of the physical partition. In order to achieve this I just had to run a few commands at a command prompt running as admin:

C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Windows 7 Visual Studio 2010 VHD"

The entry was successfully copied to {fc7d293a-666d-11de-bd7a-001bdc0fdad5}.

C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /set {fc7d293a-666d-11de-bd7a-001bdc0fdad5} osdevice vhd=[c:]\VMs\Windows7VisualStudio10.vhd

The operation completed successfully.

The first command returns a GUID which must be copied into the second command but that’s all that’s required to add a new entry to the boot menu (which in Windows 7 is no longer a boot.ini file but a ‘mini-database’.)

Post by: Philip Hendry