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Lazy Loading Entities Referenced By The Returned Entities from a Stored Procedure in Entity Framework V1

Aug 28, 2009 • Code, Entity Framework • Less than a minute read

Phew, that’s the title out of the way!!

I had a simple plan – run some complex and optimised SQL and return a graph of entities back to the app using Entity Framework. First problem is it doesn’t support returning anything but a single entity from the stored procedure so that’s eager loading done for! Second problem is the entity has to exist in the model so creating a POCO is out of the question and I’m not so sure about creating arbitrary data transfer objects in the model either (EF V2 should help with this.)

So I resorted to running the sproc then lazy loading the child objects I need. What I needed to do though was traverse a couple of references and test a field to limit the returned rows. And here’s what I ended up with after much poking around :


There are two straight-forward lazy loads using .Load() but I’m only attaching entities for Child3 based on the results of the ‘inner query’ which uses .CreateSourceQuery() to create a queryable.

Post by: Philip Hendry