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Posting Markdown Blogs to WordPress using StackEdit.IO

May 9, 2014 • Notes • 1 min read

I’ve been after a decent way to post markdown files to a blog engine for a while but not really invested much time into finding away.

Thankfully I think I’ve stumbled across just the solution.

> > Written with [StackEdit]( > >

StackEdit is a web-based application that provides great markdown support. It also integrates with Google Drive and DropBox so I’ve decided to save all my markdown files to Google Drive. In particular I now have a Blog folder there where all my blog posts can now be saved.

Here comes the really useful part… StackEdit has some export facilities with one in particular useful to me - export to WordPress! The markdown is automatically convereted to HTML and uploaded. Admittedly this might mean some manual management if I want to edit a blog post but that typically doesn’t happen and my posts aren’t usually linked to.

This post is my first attempt so it will be interesting to see how I fair :)

> > This is an update to the file and published to the WordPress site - turns out updates to existing entries are really, really easy. > >
Post by: Philip Hendry