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Binding HTML Boolean Attributes in Aurelia

Feb 7, 2016 • Aurelia, JavaScript • 1 min read

I’ve noticed before how HTML defines attributes such as multiple which don’t take values but I didn’t appreciate that the HTML specification has a term for these - boolean attributes. And so I came across this term when I was trying to bind multiple in a <select> using Aurelia. Take the following Aurelia template as an example:

  <select multiple>
    <option repeat.for="item in items">${item.label}</option>

This is ok but what if I have a view model property called allowMultiple which indicates whether multiple should be added or not. I can’t use multiple.bind="allowMultiple" since that will bind the boolean result to the attribute as either multiple="true" or multiple="false".

Unfortunately Aurelia doesn’t support this (yet) but it’s easy enough to work around.

First create a custom attribute:

  import {inject} from "aurelia-framework";

  export class MultipleIfCustomAttribute {

    constructor(element) {
      this.element = element;

    valueChanged(newValue) {
      if (newValue) {
        this.element.setAttribute("multiple", "");
      } else {

Now bind to the attribute allowing it to control whether multiple should appear or not:

  <select multiple-if.bind="allowMultiple">

I think that’s a nice simple approach although I’m hoping Aurelia might adopt something like multiple.if="allowMultiple" in the future so I don’t have to create a custom attribute for every boolean attribute (though I can’t imagine they are many!)

Post by: Philip Hendry