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PowerShell Calculated Properties Used to Count Lines of Code

Nov 23, 2015 • PowerShell • 3 min read

I’ve completely committed myself to PowerShell in the last few months which means when I’ve got a problem that should be scripted I’ll stick to my guns and make it work with PowerShell.  Read →

Integrating JSPM and Aurelia in Visual Studio

Oct 20, 2015 • Aurelia, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Visual Studio • 13 min read

My last post concentrated on looking at how an Aurelia app is bundled. I intentionally kept things very simple so now I want to tackle some of the detail.  Read →

Bundling with JSPM and Aurelia

Oct 18, 2015 • Aurelia, JavaScript • 13 min read

I’ve been working on integrating Aurelia with my current Visual Studio ASP.NET WebForms/MVC application and so far things have been going well. And then I tried to deploy! The problem is I want to deploy to our test servers the version of the Aurelia app that doesn’t try and download over 200 files on the first page render!  Read →