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Creating a Carousel in Aurelia

Sep 13, 2015 • Aurelia • 11 min read

This post hopes to describe how to create a basic carousel component from scratch for use with Aurelia. The article begins with setting up the environment but this could easily be skipped. If you just want to see some code then it’s all in github.  Read →

Creating a Dashboard in Aurelia

Sep 13, 2015 • Aurelia • 5 min read

I’ve been using Aurelia for a few weeks now and I’m certainly appreciating it this far and feel like I’m having a lot less trouble understanding it than when I was learning AngularJS 1.x.  Read →

Using PowerShell to generate Jekyll tag pages

Sep 13, 2015 • PowerShell • 2 min read

I’m hosting this blog on GitHub using Jekyll which is a fantastic free combination. But with anything that’s free there are some drawbacks. Primarily it’s the inability to use custom Jekyll plugins in GitHub.  Read →